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Nov. 23rd, 2009

Tell me a secret... go ahead its screened and anon is avail.
Ask me a question about each of the following:

1. Friends
2. Sex
3. Music
4. Drugs
5. Love
6. Livejournal or something random

No matter how rude or confidential I will answer the question honestly.
Then post this in your journal and see what questions you get asked!

*Stolen from Mr. Potter

bookish recommendation please

I have a TON of credits on audible.com aka books on tape you can
download. Can anyone recommend anything that would be good to listen
to on tape (ipod)? Don't say David Sedaris! I already have all those.

And by the way, I did not like David Sedaris's new book, I thought it
was quite pretentious.


I won't be able to rest until they officially call it.

Also watching Prop 8 in CA very closely.

Texas is still too close to call... I know, I know... but it could happen

Ruca Update

Ruca is home recovering. We are keeping an infection in check and monitoring her. Things look good. I am so so so busy with all this and being sick and preparing for E's parents to get into town tomorrow.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to each one of you that sent your thoughts and donations. They mean a lot. I will be thanking people individually shortly.



My dog roo (Ruca) today was attacked by something while in our fenced yard (unaccomapanied for like five minutes). I found her in shock with some holes in her chest in the yard and rushed her just in time to the hospital for them to save her life... for now.

We really don't know if Roo is going to make it. We just got back from the hospital and she has her eyes open and wagged her tail twice, but her blood pressure is still low and there is a lot of internal bleeding that is pushing on her right lung which we think is punctured. Right now the doc is very stern and says 50/50 chance that she will survive. We do know she will need another day in the hospital at least. fuck.

Dear friends, I am not so tacky that I would generally ask for money via livejournal, but so far it has cost us $600 today just to save her life (drugs, xrays, fluids, monitoring overnight). They require this money upfront or they send us home. Anything you can donate is appreciated... literally I don't care if its $1. My paypal is supercrush@gmail.com

I sorta feel like an ass but fuck humility when it comes to family and this little bratty dog is part of our family.

Maybe you don't have paypal or don't want to/can't donate... something that is a million times more important is that you all think of her tonight and tomorrow. Light a candle for my little dog. We are all so worried and heartbroken. I really believe that all the love and thoughts being put out in the universe could matter for her... yes, I am that much of a touchy feely disgusting hippy. So please think of Roo tonight and say a prayer/toast/sweet thought/shout out in her honor.

Also someone tell Torchy's Tacos I am not crazy but that my dog is possibly dying and my family was hungry and that I am sorry I melted down at the cash register. (no there aren't meds I forgot to take today thanks)

Here is a picture of her from our visit tonight. She is cracked out on drugs (she doesn't always look that crazy).

I removed several folks from my lj today for one or more of the following reasons:

1. I do not or rarely read your journal

2. I know you are not reading mine

3. You don't use your journal

no ill feelings... just cleaning up because I hate scrolling. If I made any mistakes, please let me know.